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Whip up large batches in no time

Save time in the kitchen with a Ninja Smart Screen FreshVac CT660UKV Blender. Whether you’re whizzing up revitalising juices, tasty sauces, or wholesome baby food for little ones, Auto-iQ does the work for you. With pre-set programs for ice cream, smoothies, juices and more, as well as a pulse function, you can take the guesswork out of blending and ensure smooth results every time.

With a large 2.1 litre jug, it’s ideal for making big batches, so you can make gym smoothies for the whole week or frozen margaritas for all your friends in one go. The two 600 ml cups are perfect if you’re doing a small portion just for yourself – blend right in the cup, then all you need to do is pop the lid on and you’re ready to go.

Preserve the vibrancy of your food with FreshVac technology

A summer berry smoothie looks amazing when it’s freshly blended, but by the time you come to drink it later on, it may have discoloured and separated.

FreshVac technology does something pretty amazing – at the touch of a button it pulls out the oxygen in your jug before you blend. This not only locks in vitamins and nutrtion, but also preserves the bright colour of your drink as well as preventing separation and foam. Your drink will look and taste just as good a few hours later as it did when you blended it.

Unique blades

The Ninja Smart Screen FreshVac CT660UKV Blender‘s stacked stainless steel blades and 1100 W motor always deliver an even, consistent blend, making light work of blending whole fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds and even ice. You’ll get 100% of the nutrition in your food, and as you won’t have to cut the core out of your apple first, you’ll be wasting less too.

The LED touch screen display is sleek, simple and easy to navigate, and gives the blender a stylish, modern look that will look great in any kitchen.


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