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Top features:

– Easy to use, for those that want to eat cleanly without hassle

– Pulp-free juices thanks to NutriBullet Extractor Blade

– Easy to clean with dishwasher safe parts

– Sleek and compact design with everything you need to get started

Easy to use

Your NutriBullet Starter Kit doesn’t have any dials, buttons or controls to learn. Just fill the cup with your favourite fruit and veg, place it onto the power base and twist clockwise to create a perfectly blended smoothie.

It’s the ideal tool if you’re looking to get more nutrients into your diet without all the additional washing up.

Pulp-free juices

Sometimes you want to enjoy a smoothie without all the bits. The NutriBullet Starter Kit has a 600 W motor that turns the blades at a superfast 20,000 rpm, fast enough to completely break down ingredients into pulp-free liquid with a deliciously smooth consistency.

Easy to clean

If you’re one of those people that loves making nutrient-rich smoothies but dreads the cleaning up process after, the NutriBullet Starter Kit is a great solution. The smooth, pulp-free texture of the blended contents means the NutriBullet can be easily rinsed under warm water, while the tall cup is completely dishwasher safe.

Sleek and compact design

The NutriBullet Starter Kit isn’t one of those kitchen appliances that lives in a cupboard and gets a rare outing. Its sleek aesthetic means that it doesn’t look out of place on kitchen counters while its compact design allows it to be stored on worktops without taking up too much space.

Included with the blender is a pocket nutritionist, as well as a quick start guide with recipes so that you can get creative in the kitchen.


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