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Top features:

– Fastest burst shooting captures multiple photos of the same moment

– 80 megapixel High Res Mode for huge detail

– Super-fast shutter speed captures the smallest moments

– Bet image stabilization corrects hand movement to create a clear image

– Splash-/freeze-/dust-proof camera survives in all conditions

Fastest burst shooting

Nature isn’t going to wait for you to catch up. When you need to capture that perfect moment, one shot isn’t enough. Use burst shooting on the Panasonic DC-G9 Mirrorless Camera to capture 60 frames per second at the highest resolution, so you get that perfect picture on the first try.

80 megapixel High Res Mode

Shift into Hi Res Mode to experience the same great quality images, at a mighty 80 megapixels. These high resolution images are perfect for enlarging onto posters, and the camera’s Venus Engine is designed to keep up even at these high resolutions. Even as the detail increases, the DC-G9EB doesn’t slow down.

Super-fast shutter speed

Capture nature easily. Everything is designed to render the human reaction time into a non-issue. Autofocus can track fast moving objects like deer, or even insects. The fast shutter release means the butterfly can stop a leaf for less than a 20th of a second and still be captured.

Best image stabilisation

The Panasonic DC-G9 brings together a Body Image Stabilizer and an Optical Image Stabilizer, which work together to compensate for movements that neither could have managed by themselves. If you forget the tripod, you still don’t need to worry about motion blur. If you’ve only got one hand free and need to capture a moment, you can still be sure that your image will be picture-perfect.


With all that nature photography, you’re occasionally going to be caught out in the rain. And the snow. Maybe even a dust storm. Wherever you’ve ended up, you don’t need to worry about the Panasonic DC-G9. It’s splash-, freeze-, and dust-proof, so it will survive longer than the bag you brought it in.

Picture this

The decisive moment, that perfect shot, missed because you were waiting for your camera to be ready to take a photo again. But it’s not your camera or your shooting technique – it’s all down to having the right memory card.

To prevent that annoying lag when capturing high res images and HD video, opt for a high performance memory card with a fast write speed. Now you can focus on your subject.


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