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Top features:

– Feel the kick of the drum with Airquake Bass

– Play music wirelessly from your device with Bluetooth

– Dazzle your guests with MAX Dance Illumination speakers

– Panasonic MAX Juke app lets you take full remote control of your hi-fi

Feel the kick of the drum

Hear your music like you’re in a club with the Panasonic SC-MAX3500EK Bluetooth Megasound Party Hi-Fi System. With an incredible 2400 W of power, rigid speaker cones and added corrugation, you’re able to crank up the volume completely free from crackling and distortion. D.Bass Beat adds extra depth to your music, so you can hear the entire range of sounds as the artist intended.

And with Airquake Bass, you’ll get audio you can feel as well as hear. Bring the bass and the kick-drum to the forefront of the mix without flooding the highs, and transform your living room with club-like sound. Whether you love dance, pop or classic rock, your music will never fall flat.

Play music wirelessly from your device

You don’t have to be chained to the Panasonic SC-MAX3500EK at the party to keep the music flowing. With Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity, you’re able to connect your device wirelessly to the hi-fi system and choose the floorfillers your party guests want to hear.

If your phone’s running low on juice, you’re able to play music and charge your device at the same time thanks to two USB 2.0 ports. Or, if you want the music to play through without worrying about track selection, plug in a USB or switch over to FM radio to hear your favourite DJs.

Dazzle your guests

The only thing that makes a party better than great audio is a great light show to match. With MAX Dance Illumination, each of the Panasonic SC-MAX3500EK‘s units come to life with dazzling flashing lights, taking the party up a notch. Choose music sync to make the lights flash in time to the beat of your tunes and raise the mood of the party.

Panasonic MAX Juke app

Take full control of your Panasonic SC-MAX3500EK Bluetooth Megasound Party Hi-Fi System from your Android device with the Panasonic MAX Juke app. From choosing songs to making DJ samples on the fly, you’re able to do it all from anywhere at the party.

Change up the light effects to keep your guests entertained, or even plug a microphone in and turn the evening into a karaoke session. With the MAX Juke app, you can try different effects on your vocals to make your cover sound more like the original.


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