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Top features: 

– MP3 Remaster enhances audio signals for high-quality listening

– CD player and DAB tuner give you more listening options

– USB port for playback from memory sticks and MP3 players

– Five preset sound modes to suit your music

MP3 Remaster enhances audio

Enjoy better-quality audio from digital music sources including USB, CD and Bluetooth with MP3 Remaster.

The Panasonic SC-PM602EB-K Wireless Hi-Fi System is able to compensate for audio signal lost in formats like MP3 so you still get great sound for all your favourite songs and albums.

CD player and DAB tuner

If you’ve got a large CD collection, this Panasonic Hi-Fi is a great choice with a front-loading CD player that allows you to enjoy your favourite discs.

Access a huge range of digital radio stations with a DAB+ tuner. You’ll have more choice than with standard analogue radio, and the reception is crystal clear. Tune directly to a station rather than manually dialling through static. For traditional listening, the Hi-Fi also has an FM tuner.

USB port

Connect an iPod, MP3 player or memory stick to the USB port on your SC-PM602EB-K Hi-Fi. This gives you a way to enjoy digitally-stored music out loud, in high quality.

Share songs with friends or enjoy the spontaneity of having all your stored music available to shuffle through. It’s great for parties, as you won’t have to keep changing CDs while you’re entertaining.

Five preset sound modes 

You can switch between five preset sound modes to suit what you’re listening to. Whether it’s pounding rock or dance music, smooth jazz or classical, or mellow vocal-led songs, there’s a setting to make your music sound its best.


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