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Top features:

– Get a new perspective from high and low angles

– Fly for longer with the Extended edition

– Be ready for any adventure with the foldable lightweight design

– No flight school required – fly safely with Parrot’s flight features

– Cinematic movie effects at the touch of a button

Get a new perspective

Make your videos and photos stand out from the crowd with the Parrot ANAFI Extended Drone with Controller. You not only get brilliantly detailed 4K HDR footage, but the specialist gimbal tilts to capture exceptional shots from unusual angles.

Shoot that rock climb from a unique low angle, or let it track you from above and below as you complete an obstacle course. Footage looks great thanks to HDR which enhances details and improves contrast, while image stabilisation keeps video smooth and photos sharp.

Fly for longer

With the ANAFI Drone, you get you up to 25 minutes in the air, so you can capture some impressive aerial footage. And because the Extended edition includes an additional two batteries, you can fly for up to 1 hour and 15 minutes without worrying about power. If you want to fly for longer, the drone’s smart battery can be easily charged on the go via USB-C from a power bank, smartphone, or laptop.

Be ready for any adventure

Foldable and lightweight, you can take the ANAFI Drone with you on all your adventures, whether that’s up a mountain or to the local park. It comes complete with the equally small and foldable Parrot Skycontroller 3.

But don’t let the featherweight design fool you. The carbon fibre structure is charged with air-filled glass microbeads. This means it’s incredibly resistant to bumps and knocks while remaining just 320 g. It’s also incredibly quiet to fly thanks to the optimised aerodynamics.

No flight school required

The ANAFI Drone offers impressive flight performance, resisting winds of up to 31 mph and reaching speeds of up to 33 mph in Sport mode. It might be zippy but dual band antenna keeps a reliable connection for flawless HD video streaming and flight control.

Enjoy a worry-free flight with Parrot’s safe flight technology. You can set a fly perimeter, request your drone returns to the starting point, or make use of the find my drone feature if you lose sight of it.

Cinematic movie effects

You’ll find a bunch of Hollywood-style movie tricks at your fingertips. Recreate the famous vertigo effect with a Dolly Zoom, go wild with Tornado effect, take a unique selfie with Orbit, and much more. You can also create a slow-motion video for an action replay, or watch time pass with a Hyperlapse movie.

It’s easy to keep your subject in the frame thanks to visual tracking – perfect for capturing tricks on a BMX or skateboard. Or you can use the Follow Me feature (in-app purchase) to keep yourself in the heart of the action – great for capturing an epic bike ride.


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