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Top features:

– Choose the texture of your juice to suit your taste

– A more silent motor for a more pleasant juicing experience

– Pre-clean fast just by pouring water into the juicer

– Juice whole fruits without the need to chop them up

Choose the texture of your juice

The Philips Avance HR1918/81 Juicer lets you choose the texture of your juice by selecting how much pulp to leave in when juicing. Select up to 50% more fibre for freshly squeezed juice with the bits left in, or a lower setting for a smoother pulp-free beverage.

A more silent motor

A quieter motor makes the juicer more pleasant to use in your kitchen, and it’s less likely to disturb others in your home.

Pre-clean easily

Pour water into the juicer to create a fountain inside that rinses away unwanted fruit and vegetable fibres, and residue from the lid. This makes the sieve easier to clean.

Juice whole fruits

An XXL-sized feeding tube lets you juice whole fruits and vegetables without you having to slice them into small pieces before juicing.


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