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Top features

– Get all the goodness from your fruit and veg with MicroMasticating technology

– Don’t waste any juice with the pre-clean function

– Easy storage with a compact size

Get all the goodness

Make sure you get every drop of goodness when juicing with the Philips Avance HR1947/31 Juicer.

MicroMasticating technology opens up the cells of your fruit and veg to squeeze the maximum amount of vitamins and nutrients from them. You’ll get up to 90% of your ingredients in your glass, and next to no wastage.

Don’t waste any juice

Get the last drops of juice from your juicer while pre-cleaning the appliance with the Pre-clean function. Whilst cleaning the inside of your product, the last of your juice is washed out, so you can enjoy every bit, and nothing has to be washed away down the sink.

From soft fruit to hard vegetables, you can juice all your favourite ingredients, even fruits such as bananas and mangos which other juicers may struggle with.

Easy storage

With a small footprint, you can easily store the Philips Avance HR1947/31 Juicer away in any cupboard, or leave it on the worktop for your daily juice fix.


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