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Practice makes perfect. Prepare for your next show with the Pioneer DM-40BT 2.0 Bluetooth DJ Monitor Speakers.

With frequencies channelled in every direction, you can listen to your live-set as it bounces off the walls – great practice for Coachella. The 4″ woofers give the bass some oomph while Groove Technology reduces air friction to eliminate distortion. Plus, the tweeter and woofer are perfectly aligned for well-balanced sound, so you can properly prepare your set for big speakers.    Different DJ equipment requires different connections. Luckily, the DM-40BT Speakers come with an RCA and 3.5 mm jack port along with a converter cable, so you can hook up all your instruments. And when you want to listen to your Spotify playlist, you don’t have to unplug everything – just connect your phone or laptop through Bluetooth and you’re good to go.


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