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Top features:

– Energy efficient A++ rating

– Half load washes so you don’t have to fill up the whole dishwasher

– Intensive wash for your pots and pans

– Auto wash so you don’t have to worry

Energy efficient

Designed to save you energy and money, the Samsung DW60M6040BB/EU Dishwasher has an efficiency rating of A++. It also comes with an Eco wash setting so you can save money, time and energy on your less dirty dishes.

Half-load washes

If you’re struggling to fill up your dishwasher some days then don’t worry, the Samsung Integrated Dishwasher has a Half-load setting which enables you to wash your dishes that day with less water and time.

Intensive wash

Another popular setting, Intensive wash, is here to help when your dishes are being stubborn. Intensive wash works harder to clean the tough bits of food and dirt.

Auto wash

If you aren’t sure on which setting to use on your Samsung Integrated Dishwasher then you can easily select Auto wash. This setting will monitor how many food are in the washing and automatically adjust the washing, rinsing and drying times as the water clears. It will also use the least amount of water and electricity, saving you more on energy bills.


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