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Top features: 

– Internal cameras let you see inside your fridge freezer even when you’re not at home

– Watch TV or listen to radio through your appliance for entertainment in your kitchen

– Create a shopping list and use your app while shopping

– CoolSelect Plus Zone lets you between additional fridge or freezer space

– Bluetooth connection allows you to connect to smart sound multi-room speakers

Internal cameras

The Samsung Family Hub Fridge Freezer features internal cameras that let you see inside the appliance even when you’re away from home. Every time the door is closed, the cameras will snap an image so you can view exactly what’s in the fridge.

You can even set expiry dates for food on the images, so you’ll know what’s still fresh. The image will be available on your Samsung SmartThings app, which means you can quickly check the fridge while you’re out shopping.

To make life even easier, you can also do your shopping directly from the touchscreen, letting you manage your food without even leaving the house.

Watch TV or listen to radio

Make your kitchen a real family hub – the Samsung RF56M9540SR/EU Smart Fridge Freezer connects to 2015 Samsung TV models (6400 and above), allowing you to mirror your TV screen on its touchscreen display. Watch your favourite cooking shows while you’re making dinner.

There are more than 100,000 radio stations available, and 100 million downloads available on the Play store – you’ll always find something to dance around the kitchen to.

Create a shopping list

Make a shopping list directly from your fridge, then access it from the Samsung Smart Home app while you’re at the store. You’ll be able to add items using the touchscreen, or using voice commands – perfect for when your hands are full.

You’ll always know what’s going on thanks to the calendar – add notes and reminders or even share pictures with the family.

CoolSelect Plus Zone

The bottom right-hand compartment can be changed to suit the type of food you’re storing at the touch of a button. This large compartment can be converted to act as an additional fridge compartment, a chill compartment (-1°C), a soft freeze compartment (-5°C) or a freezer.

You can be sure of precise temperatures across all compartments of the Family Hub thanks to the Triple Cooling System, which maintains optimal humidity levels and keeps your food fresher for longer.

Bluetooth connection

The Samsung Family Hub features Bluetooth, so you can wirelessly connect it to compatible multi-room speakers and bring powerful sound to the TV programme or radio station you’re enjoying from the fridge freezer.

Please note:

– Requires SmartThings App on Android and iOS
– Calendar. notes, reminders and pictures require StickiBoard App available on Android and iOS
– Content must be streamed from a compatible Samsung Smart TV (2015+, 6400+ series)


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