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Top features: 

– 8K quality upgrades your entertainment with 100% colour volume

– Quantum Processor 8K with Bixby voice control lets you manage your smart home

– Magnificent detail with HDR & Direct Full Array Elite technology

– Make your TV disappear with Ambient Mode and a near-invisible cable

8K quality upgrades your entertainment 

Want a TV that’s going to feel like a cinema screen? The Samsung QE55Q950RBTXXU 55″ Smart 8K HDR QLED TV with Bixby is all you need. 8K makes everything look incredible, and even if you’re watching something that isn’t Ultra HD, it will get intelligently upscaled so it looks as good as possible.

The Q950R QLED TV has 100% colour volume, so you won’t just see red, or green, or blue – you’ll see colours made from over a billion colours and shades. Skin tones, dark shadows and bold colours will look better than ever before – perfect for live sports or the latest superhero film.

Quantum Processor 8K

The Quantum Processor 8K is like the brain of your TV – it automatically adjusts to give you the best sound and picture quality, and connects easily to compatible smart home devices. And with Bixby voice control built-in, you can check your calendar, change the channel or search for a new film – just by asking.

The 8K Processor also learns what you like to watch, so you’ll get accurate suggestions on what to watch once you’ve binged Game of Thrones for the third time.

Magnificent detail

With HDR, you can really enjoy the subtle detail in the dark shadows of a noir film, as well as the sun-drenched colours of a modern sci-fi. And that’s not all, the Q950R has Direct Full Array Elite, which means each unit of light is individually controlled. So when there’s bolts of lightning in a horror film, the night sky won’t get washed out.

Make your TV disappear

Don’t want your TV to be the focal point of your room when it’s switched off? Ambient Mode removes the large black screen, so it can blend into your living room. The screen can show family photos, helpful information, or even mimic the wall behind it.

And with just one Near-Invisible cable for all your connections, you can place your TV anywhere you want in your room and keep your wall or media unit free from clutter.


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