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Top features:

– Large capacity is ideal for a busy family kitchen

– Twin Cooling Plus keeps everything fresh

– Water & ice dispenser helps you stay hydrated and refreshed

– Total No Frost so you never have to defrost again

Large capacity

The Samsung RS8000 RS68N8230B1/EU American Style Fridge Freezer‘s large 617 litre capacity is perfect for families as you’ll easily be able to fit in the whole week’s shopping. Fresh fruit and veg, meat, dairy, drinks and snacks – there’s more than enough space for everything thanks to its SpaceMax design. It also has a useful Power Freeze feature, which rapidly lowers the temperature of the freezer when you put in new food items to help them freeze quickly and retain that fresh taste.

Twin Cooling Plus

Twin Cooling Plus makes sure the humidity levels in both the fridge and freezer stay at an optimum level, which helps keep your food fresher for longer. It also stops food scents from different sections mixing, so your lemon tart won’t end up smelling like a tuna sandwich.

Water & ice dispenser

It’s important to stay hydrated – the RS68N8230B1‘s in–built water dispenser makes your life easier by pouring you chilled filtered water straight out of the door, so you won’t have to open the door or run a tap. And for those hot days when you want a delicious iced drink, the dispenser gives you cubed or crushed ice too.

Total No Frost

Never go through the hassle of defrosting a fridge again with the RS68N8230B1‘s Total No Frost feature. The fridge freezer always stays at an even temperature, stopping ice build-up and saving you time and energy. Its digital invertor compressor also operates more efficiently, so it uses up less energy, runs quieter and lasts longer.


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