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Top features:

– Large capacity interior fits loads of food

– Twin Cooling Plus keeps your food fresh for longer

– Flexible cooling zone lets you adjust storage to suit you

– Water & ice dispenser for constant refreshment

Large capacity

The Samsung RS8000 RS68N8670S9/EU Fridge Freezer has a large 604 litre capacity, which is perfect for families as you’ll easily be able to fit in a whole week’s shopping.

And when you’ve done a big shop it’s important to refreeze anything that might have started to defrost. The Power Freeze option can rapidly lower the temperature of the freezer when new food items have been added.

Twin Cooling Plus

Twin Cooling Plus makes sure the humidity levels in both the fridge and freezer stay at an optimum level, which helps keep your food fresher for longer. It also stops food scents from different sections mixing.

Flexible cooling zone

The bottom right-hand compartment is a flexi cooling section, which can be changed to suit the type of food you’re storing at the touch of a button. Simply change the temperature to best suit what you’re storing, whether that’s meat, wine or deli items.

Water & ice dispenser

It’s important to stay hydrated – the RS68N8670S9/EU has a in–built water and ice dispenser so you can get chilled and filtered water straight from the door. And if you’re making cocktails for friends you can easily get cubed or crushed ice without having to stock up on ice cube trays the night before.


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