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Control your smart devices hassle-free with the Samsung SmartThings Smart Button.

From turning the lights off at night, to setting your alarms as you leave the house – you can control your smart products with a simple tap of a button. Assign three functions of your choice to the Smart Button quickly and easily, then with three different triggers – press, double press, and long press – you can control your connected devices and multiple appliances together with no need to for your smartphone.

You only need to set it up once, and then the hard work is done. It’s perfect for young children and the elderly to get the most out of smart devices, without any danger that they could change your settings. It’s even got a temperature sensor, so it can monitor the temperature in a room and automatically trigger your smart thermostat to maintain a comfortable warmth.

As it’s light and portable it can easily be carried around the house from room to room, so the three commands you use most are always close at hand wherever you are. With up to a year’s battery life, you won’t have to worry about charging yet another device every day, and when the battery does run out it’s quick and easy to change.


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