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Top features: -Control your vacuum remotely using your phone -Effortless and efficient movement around your home – Powerful technology for flexible cleaning Control your vacuum remotely For effortless control and complete automation, the Samsung Robot Vacuum can be controlled remotely from your smartphone. By using the app you can schedule cleaning times and check to make sure everything is tidy via the cleaning report. If you notice an area needs extra attention or accidentally make a mess when you’re at home, simply point the controller up to a metre in front of the K9350 and it will clean the specific area indicated. Effortless and efficient movement Using high performance sensors and an on-board digital camera, the vacuum maps your entire house and creates a floor plan, which it uses to calculate the optimal cleaning path. By using Select & Go from the app, you can then choose certain rooms to be cleaned from the floor plan. And with the Mapping Plus System, your robot will recognise when it’s low on battery and go to recharge, before returning to where it stopped to continue its cleaning cycle. Powerful technology Promising extreme suction power on every floor surface, the K9350 uses cyclonic suction technology and a digital inverter motor so that it can easily transition from hardwood to carpet and onto tile. Able to detect narrow areas and small obstacles, the Robot Vacuum is able to navigate around your home confidently, with easy pass wheels that can overcome obstacles of up to 20 mm high. With a wide 311 mm brush, the Robot Vacuum is designed to clean large areas as efficiently as possible. If you want to protect anything delicate or prevent pet beds from being disturbed, Virtual Guard lets you set restricted spaces that the Robot Vacuum won’t try to clean.