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Top features:

– High load flexibility with 13 place settings and three baskets

– Smeg’s patented Planetarium wash system ensures a through clean

– Tailor each wash to your load with ten wash programs

– The stainless-steel tank increases the longevity of your dishwasher

High load flexibility

Fit more of your kitchenware into each load with 13 place settings and three baskets, offering you additional flexibility when loading your dishwasher.

Plus, a customisable third basket offers greater versatility for smaller items, such as cutlery and utensils. Ideal to reduce how many washes you put on.

Planetarium wash system

Enjoy sparkling clean dishes with the Smeg’s patented Planetarium wash system. A disc is located on the axis of the washing arm, distributing water evenly throughout the cavity with it spiralising rotation system.

Tailor each wash to your load

Whether you need to gently rinse fragile glasses, soak stubbornly stained pots and pans, or wash dishes quickly, you can do so with this Smeg Full-size Dishwasher, which features ten pre-set wash programs.

Including rapid wash, which will deliver a thorough clean in just 27 minutes; perfect for those who are time restricted.

Stainless-steel tank

Prevent internal rust build-up with a durable stainless steel tank.

Stainless-steel is extremely tough, in turn increasing the longevity of the dishwasher’s life. So, you can feel assured that this appliance is built to last.


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