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Our experts have some serious techsperience, and they think you’ll love this Sony GTK-XB72 Bluetooth Megasound Party Speaker. Some songs just need to be felt as much as heard. That’s why we love this Sony speaker—its switchable EXTRA BASS adds serious low end to any tune.

Bass you can feel

The Sony GTK-XB72 Bluetooth Megasound Party Speaker is the ideal party-starter. Whatever you’re listening to, you’ll hear every detail with ClearAudio+, and you won’t need to mess with EQ settings.

If dance music is your thing, you’ll love the Extra Bass function. It boosts the basslines and low-end percussion to make it feel like you’re in a club.

Light up the room

A great light show makes music even better. The Sony XB72 gives you just that, with multi-coloured LED lights that illuminate the floor. And when the party’s in full swing, the flashing strobe light adds extra punch to your playlist.

They’re easy to control, too. Just download the Fiestable app on your smartphone and create your light display from anywhere in the room.

DJ from anywhere

You don’t need to be glued to Sony GTKXB72 Speaker to line up the next track. You and two friends can all connect your smartphones at once and share the DJ duties. Add effects like wah and flanger, and even grab samples of your tunes to make remixes on the fly.

And because your phone is the DJ booth, you can take requests to keep everyone happy.

Build a speaker chain

If you’re hosting a party in a big space, the party chain function means you can fill every corner with crystal clear sound. Simply connect another Sony GTK XB72 via Bluetooth to double the sound or split audio across both speakers.

Don’t just settle for two speakers, though. Party chain lets you add up to 50 speakers for the ultimate floor-filling sound.


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