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  • Full HD video (60 fps)
  • Optical zoom: 30 x
  • 3″ tiltable LCD touchscreen
  • Built-in WiFi / NFC
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Top features:

– Clear, focused footage with 5 axis stabilisation

– Wide angle lens with 30 x optical zoom

Clear, focused footage

With 5 axis stabilisation the Sony CX625 will hold steady so that whenever you’re shooting, the video will look smooth and clear. The Camcorder also has SteadyShot technology, to compensate for camera shake so that even if you’re running your footage looks more stable.

Featuring a fast autofocus, you don’t have to worry about motion blur, as the HDR-CX625 will keep moving subjects in sharp focus.

Wide angle lens

So that you don’t have to take a step back to capture the entire image, the Sony CX625 Traditional Camcorder has a wide angle lens that can go out to 26.8 mm to frame everything easily. But if you want to capture something from far away, the 30 x optical zoom is perfect for narrowing in on your subject without having to move.

Add a layer of creativity to your videos with the time-lapse mode, which is perfect for capturing events in a truly unique way.


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