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Top features:

– Fill the room with music thanks to all-around sound

– Customise the speaker sound and lighting to go with any genre

– Listen by the pool thanks to the waterproof design

Fill the room with music

Enjoy good vibes and great beats with the Soundcore Flare+ Portable Bluetooth Speaker. You can put the speaker anywhere in your room and sit back as the music bounces off the walls.

Prepare yourself for the ultimate bass drop. BassUp technology lets you crank up your EDM while getting a full range of sound. And for an added sound boost you can pair another Flare+ Speaker.

Customise the speaker sound and lighting

Download the Soundcore app for full control of your speaker from your smartphone. You can customise the bass and treble to get it sounding just right for any genre.

The app also lets you control the speaker’s halo lighting around the top. Whether you want the LED light to pulse with a bright rainbow to your favourite pop song or phase some relaxing colours while you listen to jazz, it’s the ideal way to set the mood.

Listen by the pool

The Flare+ is waterproof, so you can chill out on your pool floatie and listen to that chilled Ibiza playlist you just downloaded. Your speaker can handle splashes and drips no problem.

Want to listen to your playlist all the way through? The battery can go for up to 20 hours, so you can listen cover to cover.


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