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Top features:

– Autonomous behaviour allows BB-9E to explore

– Holographic simulation through the app

– App-enabled droid-to-droid interaction

Autonomous behaviour

BB-9E is the astromech droid working for the First Order – this intimidating droid is always on the lookout for trouble. Send BB-9E out to patrol on his own, or watch him move around, even while charging. He’ll roll from place to place just the same as he does in the movie, and he has all the same dome movements. He’s got vibrant LED lights that let you know when he’s hunting.

Holographic simulation

Explore the Star Wars galaxy with the app. Through the app, you’ll be able to learn more about the Star Wars galaxy, and even watch the films alongside BB-9E. This is also where you’ll use the augmented reality Droid Trainer to better interact with your new best friend.

App-enabled Droid-to-droid experience

Control BB-9E with your smart device, and you can introduce him to other Star Wars app-enabled droids by Sphero. If you or a friend own the Sphero R2-D2 or BB-8 droids, you can bring them together and let them get to know each other before the next movie happens. You can also invite the other droids to join in with you and BB-9E to watch the whole saga.


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