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Top features:

– High resolution audio for better quality streaming

– Play in group mode to fill your house with music

– Long battery life so you can take your music wherever you’re going

– Connect via WiFi, Bluetooth or aux-in for ultimate flexibility

High resolution audio

If you’re someone who accesses music through Spotify, Tidal and other sites, you’ll have noticed that streamed music often doesn’t sound as good as it does if you use a CD or wired connection. With the TIBO Sphere 2 Portable Bluetooth Wireless Smart Sound Speaker you can enjoy higher resolution, room-filling audio that won’t sound tinny or muffled. Whether you’re pumping out club classics while getting ready to go out, or playing smooth jazz in the garden while you BBQ, everything will sound crisper and clearer than ever.

Play in group mode

Group mode is perfect for the times you want to fill the whole house with your music. Whether people are chilling upstairs or talking outside, or hanging in the kitchen, you can stream your music to multiple TIBO speakers around the house so everyone can enjoy the tunes wherever they are – perfect for getting the party started.

Long battery life

With a minimum of eight hours battery life, whether you’re taking the Sphere 2 to the beach, a picnic or round to a friends house, you can be confident you’ll get a whole day of music with no worry about charging. With a lightweight, compact design, it’s completely portable for hassle-free transportation.

Ultimate flexibility

It’s great to have options. With the Sphere 2 you’ve lots. Connect directly to your router via a LAN cable, or wirelessly if you don’t want to be restricted. You can also connect via Bluetooth and Apple AirPlay, so whoever is controlling the music, they can connect in the most convenient way for their smart device. With the downloadable TIBO app, there’s no need to get up every time you want to skip a song or change the volume, you can control all the essential features of your speaker directly from your smartphone.


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