TILE Essentials Mate, Slim, Stickers & Amazon Echo Dot Charcoal Bundle


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Keep track of your phone and monitor your smart home with the Tile Essentials Mate, Slim, Stickers & Amazon Echo Dot Charcoal Bundle.

Tile Essentials Mate, Slim & Stickers Bundle

The Tile Essentials Mate, Slim & Stickers Bundle is a handy pack of Bluetooth trackers to help you keep track of where your things are, whatever they are. The pack contains 1 Tile Mate, 1 Tile Slim and 2 Tile Stickers.

Simply attach the small, discreet and useful Tile Mate to an item and locate it quickly and easily with Bluetooth tracking. The Tile Slim is thin enough to slip inside a wallet, while the Tile Stickers have self-adhesive backs so you can stick them straight onto flat surfaces.

Lost your smartphone? Press the Tile button to ring it loudly, even when it’s on silent mode.

Using the map you can see its last known location to search there first, or send a lock-screen message in case someone finds it for you.

Amazon Echo Dot (2018) – Charcoal

The Amazon Echo Dot voice-controlled smart speaker is even better than before. From playing music to providing you with news, weather information, football scores, cinema listings and loads more, the newly designed Echo Dot and its voice assistant Alexa is the perfect addition to any room.

Echo Dot helps you stay connected with family and friends too. You can call anyone with an Echo Dot or just send a voice message to other Echo Dots in the house – perfect for getting everyone down to the table when dinner’s ready.

Play your favourite music using just your voice through Amazon Music, Spotify, TuneIn and other popular streaming services. If you’ve got other Echo devices in different rooms, you can fill your whole home with music – great if you’re having a party.Connect Amazon Echo Dot to your smart home devices for voice control throughout your house. Dim the lights when you’re watching a movie, turn the heating up if you’re feeling chilly or just set handy reminders for yourself – all without getting out of your seat.


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