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Top features:

– Get the perfect sound for your room thanks to the YPAO microphone

– Enjoy music throughout your home with MusicCast multi-room functionality

– Hear every detail with Hi-Res Audio compatibility

– Control your music with your voice, with Amazon Alexa

Get the perfect sound for your room

Enjoy crisp, clear, enveloping surround sound with the Yamaha RX-V585 7.2 Wireless AV Receiver. Getting the perfect sound signature for your room is made easy with the YPAO microphone. Place it where you’re sitting and switch it on, and the Yamaha RX-V585 will automatically tune the audio to suit the acoustics of your living room, fully utilising your 7.2 surround sound setup.

With Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, the Yamaha RX-V585 takes your speaker setup and transforms your audio into a three-dimensional experience, delivering sounds to particular speakers. Rendering everything from quiet dialogue to tension-building music during action scenes, it places you at the heart of the action and lets you hear every sound crystal clear.

And with Cinema DSP 3D, you’re able to transform your living room acoustics into an expansive concert hall or movie theatre. Choose between sound programs like Chamber, Music Video, Sports, Drama and Sci-Fi, and get the ideal listening experience for whatever you’re watching or listening to. Relive that legendary gig, or get engrossed in the action like you’re at the flicks.

Enjoy music throughout your home

Whether you’re hosting a party, or making a cup of tea and don’t want to miss your favourite song, enjoy your playlist as you move from room to room with MusicCast. With WiFi connectivity, the Yamaha RX-V585 can connect to up to 32 other MusicCast speakers throughout your home.

Just connect all your speakers to the same WiFi network, and you’re ready to play music from anywhere in the house with the Yamaha MusicCast app.

Hear every detail

So you can hear the crisp highs and thunderous lows on your favourite tracks, the RX-V585 supports High-Resolution audio, letting you get the best from your music collection. With support for file types such as FLAC, ALAC, WAV and more, you can be sure to get great sound.

Control your music with your voice

Instead of scrambling for the remote, ask your Alexa speaker (sold separately) to pause the music on the RX-V585 when there’s a knock at the door. You can give Alexa commands like “Alexa, ask MusicCast to set volume to 20 in the living room”, or “Alexa, ask MusicCast to switch the input to Bluetooth”, and your AV Receiver will respond instantly.


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