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Top features:

– Intensive program tackles the dirtiest dishes

– Quick Wash for when you need dishes right now

– Rinse and Hold prewashes before you have a full load ready

– Use the delay timer to only wash when you need to

Intensive program

If you’ve left your pots and pans out for too long after cooking, they can be more than a usual wash can handle. Run the Intensive program to have the Zanussi ZDI26022XA Full-size Integrated Dishwasher wash at a higher temperature, so even the dirtiest dishes come out sparkling and free of 99.9% of bacteria.

Quick wash

Just about done cooking for your dinner party, but suddenly realise you don’t have enough plates? Not to worry, with the Quick Wash program you can have last night’s plates ready to go in just 30 minutes. Your guests will never realise anything was amiss.

Rinse and hold

If you prefer takeaways to home cooking you might not fill the dishwasher enough for a full rinse very often. To prevent dirty dishes from building up bacteria and becoming smelly, the Rinse and Hold program will run a prewash on partial loads until you have a full load ready to go.

Delay timer

Run the dishwasher when it suits you. You can program a start time delay so that it doesn’t start straight away – handy just before bed when you need clean bowls in the morning.


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